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"Barbara Endes writes and sings these melodic bursts of punchy roots-punk-surf-rockabilly complete with vocal harmonies, the bluesy guitar of David Weiss, and the skin tight rhythm section of bassist Dave Mandl (yeah, the guy on WFMU) and drummer Nancy Polstein... I keep looking for new rock bands to like with little or no success. I think I found one."
-  Aquarian Weekly


"On this indie rock veteran quartet's second LP (see issue 78 for my review of their excellent debut plus background)... They're even more country... but also more political... Even the tracks that aren't so blatantly political seem to have a strong class-consciousness. We need more like this."
-  Steve Holtje, The Big Takeover, issue 84 (print)

"One finds interesting results when doing a quick Google search for “girls on grass”, but this band, led by Barbara Endes on vocals, plays a mixture of bluesy, country-fried rock with limitless self-confidence and tough-chick attitude. “Down at the Bottom” is a rollicking opener that allows Endes to shine... Drummer Nancy Polstein hits fervently throughout the record, but truly makes quite the first impression. “Got to Laugh to Keep From Cryin’” has both a classic country title as well as a battle-tested country delivery through which one can almost hear the truck driving down a dusty road..."

- The Jersey


"The sophomore album from Brooklyn, New York’s Girls On Grass is an even bigger thrill than their debut; from the first beat and guitar notes, you know that this band has found its collective firm footing and deliver a bold, delicious sound – melodic, rocking, poppy, sometimes sneaking in a little country vibe and tight harmonies, bolstered by Barbara Endes’ dynamic singing."
-  Rob Ross,


"Twin Guitar Psychedelic Blasts of Pure Heaven.  I love it when every now and then I come across an album that's unexpectedly fun, rocking, and even daring. Dirty Power, by the band Girls on Grass, is this season's winner in that category. Guitar-fueled songs with driving bass and pounding drums aren't exactly a new thing in the world of "Americana," but Barbara Endes writes and sings with such self-assurance and bravado that you have to sit up and pay attention."

- The Rocking Magpie blog



"Today Glide is excited to premiere “Because Capitalism”, an aptly titled song that offers biting commentary on how fucked up our country is. With the rock and roll edge of acts like the Pretenders, the band offers a blunt assessment of our country as they belt out the lyrics “capitalism ruins everything that’s worth doin'”. In a time when the class divide is growing rapidly, the rich continue to fatten their bank accounts, and the disgusting reality of a Republican government means corruption is rampant, we are in dire need of more tried and true rock and rollers offering commentary through music. After all, the genre has always been a platform for speaking out..."



"Dirty Power kicks off with the track “Down At The Bottom,” which sets the tone with an invitation from Endes to join her in opting out of a hyper-competitive society. The coolly loping, up-tempo track features a strictly timed, pushy drum beat, twangy and shining guitar line interplay, a wandering bass line holding the low end, a touch of peppy tambourine rattle, and infectious vocal harmonies.


"The Big Takeover is mighty pleased to host the video premiere for the song “Down At The Bottom”. Sunny beach scene images and clips flit quickly by on the screen, sometimes overlaid with clips of the band performing onstage. Endes is showcased singing – at first on a commuter train with the picture shot in grainy black and white to signify the dull daily grind. Then she appears as the focal point in colorful scenes of the shore, a kaleidoscopic and fun contrast to a draining day at work."


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Photo by Andrew White

 Photo by Andrew White

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Photo by Perin Vazquez


Since releasing their sophomore LP Dirty Power, recorded with Eric Ambel (and featuring songs that figured on several DJ best-of lists) in 2019, Girls on Grass have downsized to a trio with original members Barbara Endes (vocals, guitar), Nancy Polstein (drums, vocals) and Dave Mandl (bass) and toured the northeast and southeast US. Dirty Power  was followed by a 7" single, "Spill Your Guts" released October 30, 2020. The B-side is a punk-spaghetti-western explosion called "Who's Gonna Cry" which spawned a stop-animation video featuring the band as puppets heralding the fall of a certain maligned politician. The video premiered on The Big Takeover. Girls on Grass will head back to the studio in April to begin work on their third record. 

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